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Knowledge Management

For example, as a recorded tradition in different Abrahamic religions, it is said that when one of the sons of Adam killed the other, he learnt from the nature that what to do with the dead body. Moving further, when mankind decided to search for the ways to feed themselves, other than hunting, it was actually their never satiating desire for knowledge that helped them in learning new ways. Thus we can say that one of the important factor of the advancement and continuous evolution of the human civilization is the continuous enhancement of knowledge. However, it must be noted that the purpose to acquire knowledge has been drastically changed. Now, besides the purpose stated earlier, the knowledge acquisition is also aimed for the self-growth and intellectual development.
However, by the passage of time, as the ways to store information or knowledge improved, the volume of knowledge started to grow exponentially. With this change in the arena of the knowledge, the focus shifted from merely its acquisition to its management as well as implementation. This shift in focus was not restricted to any one discipline, rather this wave of change was across the board, thus affecting al the discipline. However, the intensity varied from field to field. Among these, the business arena experienced the remarkable influence of this concept.
To move on to knowledge management, we must be primarily have an idea of diver ...
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T.S.Eliot, the renowned, English editor, playwright and poet of the late nineteenth and half of the twentieth century, has very tactfully tried to realize the people of the importance of knowledge management.
Right from the evolution of the mankind, human beings have found themselves in the search of knowledge…
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