Medical Group Analysis

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The division of the body of medical practitioners into various groups is significant for an effective and efficient medical care. Each division observed from micro and macro level is important for contributing to a first class of medical care. Each group of medical practitioners: medical providers, nurses, volunteers, and pharmacists have a medical relevance in the system.


Different points of view of each group contribute to establish a level on which each group functions or does not function, and to see how interaction in the group and interaction of that group with the society has an influence in the efficiency of medical care.
The importance of each group can be observed through close analysis of its interaction with society and itself. Therefore, two important aspects can be differentiated. The micro-level interaction in the groups explains the working conditions, while at a macro level it explains their purpose in society and the potentials and problems of globalization.
Although modern nursing was created a little more than a hundred years ago, mostly by the enormous contribution of Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War, the foundations of nursing were laid many centuries before the publication of the first nursing guidelines. Nursing and its formation as a science is closely related to and must be placed within a sociological perspective; the desire to help the sick and injured is a continuing sociological phenomena, dating back to the formation of the first civilizations. A fine example is the effort of nuns and other clergy during the middle ages, which essentially performed the duties of modern nurses. ...
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