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Essay example - Thought Control in the US: The Media and the "Peace Process

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In the article "Thought Control in the US: The Media and the "Peace Process" by Noam Chomsky discusses the direction of thought control exercised by United States of America in the defense of its state policy through different theories like "historical engineering, manufacture of consent, memory hole and responsible journalism"…

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He conceptualizes the theory of "manufacture of consent" in support of the thought control process which has roots in Walter Lippmann's famous saying (1921) "When the government can't control the people by force, it had better control over people's thinking process in the form of manufacturing consent" and Harold Lasswell's "Encyclopaedia of social sciences"(1933). Chomsky suggests that in America, you can say anything as long as it doesn't contradict the decisions that have already been made by the state and be obedient. As the broader meaning of thought control emphasizes the value of human benefit under democratic set up, it is unfortunate to find political vested interests of elite group of the state is protected by manipulating political thought control and behavioral conceptions.
The author who has also written a famous book " Necessary illusions" argues that the U.S.A has followed this style of thought control since long ago and is presently reflected in its state policy towards Arab-Israeli conflict. He identifies a lot of divergence between the popular concept of and state policy in this serious issue. ...
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