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Essay example - Information Systems and Business

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One of the most prevalent practices among researchers who find it difficult to operationalize their theoretical concepts and constructs in concrete terms and ideas is to make compromises when they operationalize their variables. Thus, researchers are often found to make compromises when they operationalize their variables in such challenging situations, i.e…

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In this background, this paper analyzes the questions where these researchers make significant compromises and who does the better job of operationalization in their research article.
In their article, Hirschheim and Sabherwal make significant compromises when they deal with the issue of alignment between IS and the business strategies which has traditionally been a key issue facing IS management. Due to insufficient research being conducted on how such alignment is achieved and sustained over time, the authors find it difficult to conceptualize and operationalize their original variables. "Thus, our view of strategic alignment focuses on an organization's ongoing efforts to establish and maintain a series of interdependent relationships between business and IS strategies. These relationships involve the movement (i.e., change) of business strategy and/or IS strategy in such a way that the two are in alignment." (Hirschheim and Sabherwal, 2001, p. 87). ...
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