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Analyze nonverbal communications and gender

This is probably based on the evolutionary principle of "fight or flight" response. "When we experience excessive stress-whether from internal worry or external circumstance-a bodily reaction is triggered, called the "fight or flight" response. Originally discovered by the great Harvard physiologist Walter Cannon, this response is hard-wired into our brains and represents a genetic wisdom designed to protect us from bodily harm" (Neimark, 2009, pgh. 2).
According to Kleinman (2007), "What scientists do know that you may not, is that human touch can actually improve your mental and physical health, lengthen your life, and even boost your career performance" (pgh. 1).
This is not an uncommon happening, and from the moment babies are born they are being bombarded with external stimuli. Just like adults, "Babies differ in their perceptual styles and types of defenses. Some respond to auditory stimulation with a large repertoire of reactions while others respond with only single or global bodily responses" (Kernberg, et. al., 2000, pp. 102).
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Non-verbal communication between men and women is a complex subject and one that is not to be taken lightly. In reading the material for this course, generally three different topics have come up which require further inquiry.
These topics regarding non-verbal communication between the genders are: personal space (including interpersonal perception); the human body (including physical appearance, gestures, non-verbal behavior, the human face, and the human voice); and finally, understanding cross-cultural communication.
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