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Single Parenting

Parents who find themselves abandoned by partners are supported by social care and children, who will learn to react to the circumstances and environments, will find difficulties in dealing with social and psychological problems.
According to the case study, Michael and Kate were having problems during her third pregnancy because of Michael's attitude towards his family. He has taken to drinking and was physically assaulting Kate, to the extent that she had to live with Social Care. Michael, in spite of recent behaviour, continues to be fond of their children, visits them often, buys presents, but does not want to shoulder day-today responsibilities bringing them up. Kate, being pregnant and financially dependent on Michael, was finding the situation difficult. Michael moved out of the family home and Kate moved into Grimesbar from Social Care, as it was easy to find accommodation in Grimesbar. She now lives in a four storey tenement with common entrance that is not particularly secure, and the building is scheduled for demolition. That being the case, many of the flats are empty, and Kate lives in an insecure and isolated building.
Kate, being a non-practising Roman Catholic, considers other Church going singl ...
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Single parenting, psychological distress and sociological difficulties are not only plaguing advanced societies, but also are permeating into not-so-advanced societies, compelling governments and institutions to take notice. Present case study is discussed here in terms of psychological theories like Behavioural approach and Environmental determinism and sociological theories like Attachment Theory and Strain Theory…
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