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The article reviewed here, 'Google CEO Offers Management Strategies' by Mylene Mangalindan, provides a brief look at the structure of Google []. The first portion of the article is a description about how Google got started, who its owners are, and how big Google is.


It appears that the management believes in making strategic moves to be in the best position for long-term benefits.
According to the article reviewed, Google's vision has been sketched out. This may be asserted because of some of the elements that the CEO of Google, Mr. Schmidt, highlighted. To go back to Mr. Schmidt's beginning with Google, he first of all said that there "wasn't much of an infrastructure". With only three basic individuals in the decision-making process, Mr. Schmidt asserts, "two people have to agree". After this, the third one has to be convinced or the third one may try and work his thoughts against the two that agree. Aside from decision-making that decides a number of things, Google's vision is to be prepared. This is why they consider the future and also consider reasons for an IPO, such as "either liquidity, venture returns, the ability to do acquisitions". However, Mr. Schmidt says that Google does not have any such "pressure", and so, they think about what they can do to finance newer projects of Google with lower risk.
According to Mr. Schmidt, Google had one objective from day one, which was to "build a culture". Indeed, Google has achieved this over its period of existence. However, the job is not done yet, as there is a more that this company can do. ...
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