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Plant Psychology - Essay Example

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It is commonly believed that only the humans and animals possess behavior and feelings. Ignorance can simply be no excuse for hasty generalizations! Despite the fact that plants do not contain a nervous system, the question remains: "Do they or don't they possess behavior"

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Plant Psychology

After all, they too have requirements for living as others, and if at all these requirements are not fulfilled, they will cease to survive. So there any proof of plants' behavior Plants do some amazing things; photosynthesis is outstanding work, and so is splitting water molecules. Plants can even communicate amongst each other by releasing chemicals into the air. These chemicals were 'unknown' to humans until we developed instruments sensitive enough to detect them. So, plants do not need to be endowed with superhuman attributes to be displaying psychology.
Backster in 1968 claimed that all living cells are capable of "primary perception," a form of direct biological communication. He monitored the electrical resistance on the surface of one leaf on each of three philodendrons to see if they would respond at the moment of death of distant brine shrimp. The plants were monitored throughout these time periods. The procedure was totally automated, and the experimenter left the premises during the process of the experiment. The plant's responses were recorded on a strip chart recorder, which were later analyzed by three blind judges. There was a significantly greater amount of activity on the plants, showing they had 'felt; what had happened to other plants (Sargent, 1982).
Simply because plants lack a nervous system, people never care to think over the fact that plants can also portray behavior. ...
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