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Essay example - Robert Frost

High school
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Robert Frost (1874-1963) is viewed by many as one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. Indeed, his ability with the help of the short poetic forms to express powerful and deeply meaningful ideas testifies to this perception of his talent (Parini 2000, pp.132-135)…

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However, Frost uses this story to draw parallels with our life, and in the process shares with us his contemplations on this subject. Personally, I think that the basic point of the poem is that every person has various alternatives in life, and that the choice of ones path in life is actually the most important task we all have before us. The realization of the importance of this task by itself demands maturity and a good deal of wisdom, so that, similarly to Frost, one is most probably bound to stay ". . . long . . . and [look] down . . . as far as [one] could. . ." (Frost 1915) to make up ones mind about what path in life to follow. Truly, even though we often can easily know what we would like to pursue, sometimes at stake are such critical consequences of our choices that one may only wish to have as simple a dilemma as the poet had when choosing between paths in the wood. ...
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