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1. Ethical issues that involve current events such as the July Bombings of London, 911, in areas of the press, television, experience and even breaking corporate news such as Enron, Tyco among others, impact a lot on business and management.
From the conceptualisation and onset of an enterprise, it is necessary to determine the fundamental purposes of a company of which to maximise profit could mean unethical for management to consider the interests and rights of others (Milton, 1970).


Nevertheless, most managers are aware of the need to re-evaluate their priorities and approaches to conducting business (Heller, 2006) so that most adopt ways to improve "corporate image" and business standards with the understanding of the origins of ethical thought with reference to codes of ethics (McNamee, 1992).
2. Evaluating the self for improvement and development could mean combining personal care with control of processes to achieve the highest level of quality in business and management (Fisscher and Nijhof, 2005). In this process, the manager must define his own and the organisation's strengths, detail weaknesses, ready to seize opportunities and acknowledge threat with preparation. Once again, Heller (2006) emphasised agility in this aspect.
Personally, I may include personal and academic achievements and personal attitudes such as boldness, hardworking, honesty and integrity as my strength. These attributes cannot be easily taken away from me and is a part of me that goes where I am. ...
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