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Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

He was also an ancient Greek philosopher and a writer of philosophical dialogues who was quite influential. Plato founded the Academy (approximately in 385 b.c.) in Akademeia, Greece where Aristotle studied. Plato used Socrates as a character in many of his dialogue writings. There is an issue known as the "Socratic problem" as it is not known in Plato's dialogue writings how much of the content is from the point of view of Socrates or from Plato since Socrates was not a writer. Plato was greatly influenced by Socrates' teachings and ideas so many of his dialogues were most likely borrowed or adapted fro these teachings.
Aristotle was a student of Plato. He taught what he knew to Alexander the Great. Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates were the three most well known influential ancient Greek philosophers. They laid the foundations of Western philosophy. Aristotle wrote on subjects such as poetry, physics, logic, government, ethics, zoology, politics, etc.
Logic plays a key role in philosophy and all three philosophers referred to logic. The term logic has evolved to mean "thought or reason". It is the study of criteria that is used for evaluating arguments. Traditionally, logic is studied as a branch of philosophy. However, philosophers do not agree on the exact definition of the term logic. ...Show more


Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, sought wisdom (also considered as "philosophy"). Many have given him credit for laying the foundations of what is known as Western philosophy. He was known as the wisest man in Greece. Socrates invented new deities, or theological or religious opinion…
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