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research proposal in the public service (public services for example police, fire service etc...) - Essay Example

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Public services are an essential part of our lives. All of us come across such services in different measures from time to time. Some of us feel satisfied with the kind of service we get from the public servants, while some of us feel frustrated when the public service offices are not able to provide the service to the best of our satisfaction…

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research proposal in the public service (public services for example police, fire service etc...)

are some of the important types of public services which a government arranges for the general public. With growing population, widening areas of services, growing public expectations, constant monitoring by the public and the media besides the government appointed regulatory mechanism the public services offices have come under severe pressure to perform well. The police services for example are now under pressure to sniff the terror plots being hatched by terrorists. In addition the crimes like online identity theft, internet banking frauds etc. are further addition to the list of crimes that the local police department is supposed to investigate. The manpower and resources on the other hand has not been match up with the exponential numbers and types of crimes. It is under such circumstances that at some places, question marks are being raised about the effectiveness of the public services. Discussions are also being held to figure out the possible remedial measures that could be taken up by the government/s to make such services more effective and efficient.
The main intention of the study is to develop a better understanding of the concepts of public services in general and their effectiveness in these challenging times. ...
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