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During times when we need to perform a myriad of duties to maintain our beings, do we ever have time to glance at nature leave aside appreciate The answer to this is no. As Wordsworth had said "the world is too much with us", we neither have time to stand and gaze nor appreciate nature.


The writer very effectively conveys to us "Water is good to drink, coal to burn, wool to wear , but wool cannot be drunk, nor water spun, nor coal eaten" Such a simple and unassuming statement but says it all. It is Nature in all her glories with all creatures "great or small" make up this firmament.
Often we strive towards achieving various goals but every goal according to Emerson should merge with Nature to make it meaningful and beautiful. If the goal is seen as an end in itself, then it becomes "mean and squalid" and rendered futile. In the same breath the writer aptly compares property and wealth to snowfall and says "if is fall level today, it will be blown into drifts tomorrow". It is so significant and relevant because Nature in constantly changing, it is dynamic and as a result all things seem transient.
The importance of the Mind has been stressed upon too. The Mind is capable of visualizing and thus re-creating the same image. Few of us realize the huge capability our Minds are blessed with .At the same time one should not misuse this capability by thinking ill about others. ...
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