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The current economic status has forced the hospital members to decide upon the issue of running the general public hospital. The hospital has been making a financial loss for the consecutive three years which has created a question over the stability of the hospital.


The major problem is the financial crunch which has forced the authority to think about the operations of the hospital in short and in long run.
The basic objective of this study is to find out ways in which the hospital can be in operations in short as well as in long run. There is a need to find a way out of the present prevailing problems and the study will look to resolve the crisis. Developing ways or models that will make the hospital sustain and grow is also a significant purpose of the study.
The problem is the rising health care costs for the past few years and it has become a problem in the recent times as there is an economic slow down or downturn. The question is how the hospital will sustain in this situation with a deficit budget for past three years. The health reform measures are found out not to be sufficient enough in solving the financial problem. It might help to a certain extent but it can't become a full proof worked out plan to the recent financial problem.
Previously there were sources that helped it out to certain extent. The problem of infant and also asthma mortality is high in the entire adjacent neighborhood and it was managed through different sources. But due to the economic downturn even these sources have been forced to cut off their expenditures and consequently the hospital funding has also turned out to be in that expenditure.
Even if funds are generated to solve the current situation ...
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