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The Issue of Leadership in Christianity - Essay Example

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The topic of leadership in context is an interesting and broad theme. In Christianity, it becomes even more important to the health and growth of the Church…

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The Issue of Leadership in Christianity

The topic of leadership in context is an interesting and broad theme. In Christianity, it becomes even more important to the health and growth of the Church. Specific to this discussion, major questions evolved on the issue in Christianity of whom is qualified to lead, and on what authority did these leaders rely? These questions have their roots in the evolution of Western religions as the issue of restorationism became a splintering device for many religious believers. From a basic secular perspective, leadership through effective communication is the capacity to translate vision into practical application (Maxwell, 2002). Leadership and vision in Christianity is consistent with this view and comprised of many secular beliefs relative to leadership components including understanding effective communications and the ability to persuasively to motivate. In essence, it’s the capability to lead organizations and individuals, to accomplish specific goals and objectives.
As spiritual restorationism became a reality, the concept is clear that early Church leaders formed the basis of diverse protestant denominations different from what many may believe today were the original teachings of Jesus Christ. To get a sense of the differentiation of dissenting groups, several models have been reviewed during the course of this study including the belief that the Pope was Christ’s vicar, the Episcopal view (bishops as leaders), the Presbyterians who lead through “elders” of the congregation, the Congregationalist who make up rules unique to individual congregations, and The Evangelicals who are open about salvation even without church structure. ...
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