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This is a research done on the particular population of the Indian women where it explains as to how one's own cultural assumptions and values impact their personal and clinical effectiveness in developing relationship skills and treatment plans with clients of a selected population.


Studying on Indian women (1) means to study the variety of women oriented cultures and values that the Indian women are distinguished for. There is not only one typical cultural aspect associated with the term, "Indian Woman", but there are rather diverse cultures and values that have become the ethos of the varied types of womanhood found in the country. The Indian woman can be classified into various categories such as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife and even in the professional sector as a working lady and a housewife. All of these diversities are maintained in a streamlined manner and as India is a vast as a country, similarly, the cultures also vary. There are places where patriarchal society exists and there are also certain areas, such as some parts of Kerala, where there exists matriarchal society. Patriarchal society is one which is dominated by the male members of the family whereas the matriarchal society is dominated by the female counterparts. The role of the women in both the societies has lots of differences and this adds to the variety of the cultural diversities of the women in India. ...
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