Social Ties and the Quality of Public Life in Spain - Book Report/Review Example

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Social Ties and the Quality of Public Life in Spain

No doubt such types of analyses have been given in the past but they all focused more on political aspects while framing their views, for e.g., some focused on just how effective the functioning of public institutions was, while other focused upon the factor of mutual benefiting. This book also focuses upon those aspects keeping in mind their importance and roles. However, it takes an ancient setting and theme which re creates the concepts and vital past traditions of politics.
The underlying question however, is not if the society in question has come across any solutions to government and public issues, rather the question is whether the opportunity to get involved and take part in decision making is given to the common public. The book goes on to guarantee that the events of free elections of the democratic kind are loop holes that are used by the political candidates to construct the illusion of an involved public sphere. However, the fact that the public actually exercises that loop hole to benefit them selves is of no guarantee.
The book is an over all eye-opening read into the realities that hide behind the picture perfect political scene of many developing countries, and if looked at in greater depth holds the truth for many developed and apparently politically sound countries. ...
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The book gives its readers an insight into the core concept behind 'democracy'. It is focused on the key concepts of democratic life and the quality there of. The book also goes in to the depths of reasons as to what short falls there are to having democracies and how they eventually deteriorate…
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