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MKT Assignment 01

Bob Iger has set an example of excellent leadership along with Steve Jobs and Hervey Weinstein. These diversifications involved purchasing Pixar, Miramax and now recently Marvel. What makes this deal a major eye-opener is the change in Disney's outlook as an entertainment studio for young children. Where, acquisition of Marvel introduces Disney to a more mature market which involves teenagers and adults as well. Analysts see the deal in a very positive light as both companies have very popular brands and are equally established. It also brings much curiosity how Disney plans to bring Marvel characters and mix with Disney characters, or make their presence in Disney theme parks and movies.
This article explains an excellent example of a tactic in in global market entry strategies which is mergers and acquisitions. Although Marvel and Disney belong to similar national boundaries, their global reach makes them indifferent to culture differences and national boundaries. The article first highlights previous marketing ventures such as acquiring Pixar animated studios, which brought out a more flourishing output for market of younger children such as, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Bob Iger then took a major step of acquiring Marvel Entertainment which is also an indirect competitor of Disney. There were two things that motivate Bob Iger to make a more risky decision. ...
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The article highlights contributions from the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, till today especially the acquisition of Marvel Entertainment. Bob Iger is now known for making one of the boldest decisions for Disney and hence exploited significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation…
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