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Products and services must be developed that appeal to a mass of individuals. Common wants and needs that pertain to the social, regional, educational, economic, psycho- logical, national, or other group interest of a market segment must be recognized and translated into profitable opportunity. I am satisfied with this new product and I am going to buy it again and recommend to my friends. In general, point-of-purchase (POP) decisions are influenced by spontaneous desire to try a new product. POP is most effective where products can be differentiated, where demand is expanding, where hidden product qualities cannot be identified at the time of purchase, and where favorable company images or strong emotional buying motives exist. The purchasing process and the related acts of accumulation and consumption are means of achieving goals both of the purchaser and those he represents. The acts of accumulation and consumption indicate the differences between consumers and purchasers, and between consumption and buying. Both industrial purchasing agents and "consumer purchasing agents" are essentially engaged in solving problems (Boone and Kurtz 2002).
Another product selected for analysis is a new anti-aging crme by Clinique. Product is advertised by many local specialty shops and cosmetic departments through in-store ads and personal selling. ...
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Previous week, I bought a new shampoo advertised by one of the local stores. My decision to purchase this new product was influenced by a counter salesperson. She recommended me to try a new product because of unique characteristics and low price established by manufacturer for this new product…
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