Australian Security in the New Century

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Terrorism is defined as an act of aggression or the systematic use of violence, terror, and intimidation to achieve an end. Before 9/11 and the world trade centre attacks, Islamic terrorism was a concept that most developed nations were unfamiliar with as victims and were only spectators in the global scenario as far as Islamic fundamentalism was concerned.


Although the attacks were targeted America, they proved that no nation and no people, were safe from this new threat. The tactics used were often suicidal in nature and thus, the attacks are extremely hard to control, once they have been initiated. The funding mechanisms and training cells for organizations that launch and support such terrorist activities are spread throughout the world and can not be routed out in a day. To deal with this threat in a comprehensive manner, vast and sweeping changes were required in the security policies of most nations that considered themselves at threat. The following areas that pose a threat to the security of the Australian nation and it's people can be identified:
1. Environmental Security: Though the global war on terrorism still dominates as the main security issue, Australia is currently analyzing and addressing its environmental security issues namely climate change and global warming. In addition, environmental security threats can be classified under two broad categories, firstly, natural threats such as volcanoes, earth quakes, tsunamis and bush fires and secondly, threats posed due to human activities, such as ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect. ...
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