Behavioural Studies, Attitudes Explain the purpose of the use of shocking images in campaigns to attempt change an individual's attitude. Use examples as illustrations

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Shocking advertising attempts to alter a person's attitude by producing images which jolt the personality. Using shocking campaigns has a long history in charity advertising, for example, and in public awareness campaigns (the AIDS virus in particular produced a number of shocking advertisements which attempted to change the attitude of the public towards condoms (Gifford, 2007).


People are also affected by advertisements though emotional responses, and this is another important factor in the use of shocking advertising. Understanding psychological and social bases for attitudes may be the key to using shocking advertising to influence individual behavior.
Individuality is a key component of many walks of social life, from home to work. Indeed, Mullins suggests that committed staff with valuable individuality are one of the keys to organizational health and success (Mullins, 2007). Psychologists have developed a number of different ways of defining the individual; Eysenck defined them through two key personality differences: introversion/extroversion and stability/instability (or neuroticism). Others, such as Cattell, divided the individual personality into surface traits, which are consistent and form the basis of behavior, and source traits, which underlie and inform the surface traits. These two ideas rely upon the notion of a 'fixed' individuality, which implies that the individual would not be affected by shocking advertising in the long-term. ...
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