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Essay example - International Marketing

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Man's needs and wants never stops as long as he lives, but, it is not only his needs that must be met but also his wants, that is, his desire for more things aside from what is fundamental in order to survive. In this way, practices, procedures, policies and principles of marketing have emerged.

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Before the advent of market research, most companies were product-focused, employing teams of salespeople to push their products into or onto the market, regardless of market desire. A market-focused or customer-focused, organization instead, first determines what its potential customer's desire, and then builds the product or service. Marketing theory and practice is justified on the belief that customers use a product/service because they have a need, or because a product/service has a perceived benefit (Wikipedia Online, 2006a).
With the fast development of technology, marketing process has also improved. Different marketing strategies have been emerged, marketing researches had boomed and contemporary marketing theories have existed, all of these had been developed to make marketing activity more desirable and beneficial to the consumers and the producers as well.
This paper will focus on a market analysis of Australian gourmet product to be offered to the Russian market. It evaluates the Russian economic and financial environment, cultural environment, political environment and technological environment, which are all necessary in the evaluation of the success of the Australian gourmet win in the Russian market.
The economy of Russia includes redoubtable assets. ...
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