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Christian Counseling Ethics Code Analysis Paper

Competences, confidentiality and informed consent are the three sections of the codes that are examined for differences and similarities.
This code has nine points under the heading competence which include honoring the call to competent Christian counseling, duties to consult and refer, consultation practice, referral practice, seeking Christian help, avoiding counsel against professional treatment, duties to study and maintain expertise, maintaining integrity to work, reports and relations, and protective action when personal problems interfere. The AACC Code of Ethics stresses that Christian counselors make only realistic statements about their identity, education, experience and the counseling goals (AACC 2004, ES1-200). Moreover, the professional counseling (such as medical or psychiatric treatment) is not avoided or advised against even if the providers may not be a Christian.
ACA Code of Ethics has eight key points which include: boundaries of competence, new specialty areas of practice, qualified for employment, monitor effectiveness, consultation on ethical obligations, continuing education, impairment, and counselor incapacitation or termination of practice. The emphasis is made on the high competence of counselors who gain knowledge and skills pertinent to working with the diverse client population (ACA 2005, Section C). ...
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Every organization has the legal obligation to develop the ethical code outlining the institution's working principles. There is no single format for ethical code and the organizations have freedom to stress the points they believe are of higher value for their clients…
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