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Philosophy of Professional Nursing - Essay Example

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Nursing is one of the professions which requires knowledge and understanding of healthcare environment, medical practice and an individual. Today, a more creative ways are developed to deliver consumer-focused quality health services, so the traditional picture of the nurse and the patient is being transformed…

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Philosophy of Professional Nursing

All these influences are reflected in the radical changes in nursing philosophy and culture of the nursing profession.
In nursing profession, 'an individual' is interpreted in terms of his relation to family and community, and as a unique personality suffered from health-related problems. For a nurse, a patient is an individual who is ill or injured, and needs professional care and medical treatment. The individuals do not exist in a social vacuum but are partly determined by the culture which surrounds them. In nursing practice, the individual as a patient is a part of family and community. In general sense, every family has internalized values and traditions that influence ideas of health and illness (Blais et al 2006). Society both reflects change in families and that society effects change upon families over time in a feedback loop. Wherever families are struggling to maintain or restore equilibrium, to find ways of coping effectively with crisis or with long-term stress, nurses may find themselves in a supportive role. In this case, nurses should develop empathetic intuitive responses to different situations, and provide skilled care to relief pain and sufferings of the patient and emotional stress of his family (Sines et al 2005).
The role of the nurse within the healthcare delivery system is an important one, whether assessed in terms of in or out patient care, of hosp ...
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