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Today however, federal budget amounts to billions of dollars and it subsidizes on almost everything that you can think of claiming that it is for the 'general welfare.' According to Moore, this phenomenon is a result of the following incidents: first, when the income tax was enacted, this enabled the federal government to amass wealth. Second, national crisis brought about by wars gave Congress the reason to push constitutional limits in favor of releasing more money for the benefit of the citizenry. Third, the Supreme Court passed a decision declaring that the power of Congress in allocating federal funds for public purpose is not limited by the powers granted by the Constitution. All these led to the over-extension of the general welfare clause - Congress can just allot on anything as long as it alleges that it is for the 'general welfare'.
Moore also presented certain political analysts stating that a significant amount of the federal funds have been on charity. However, no matter how good the government's intentions are, apportionment for public charity has no constitutional basis. There is no constitutional provision authorizing such allotment.
The article of Moore thus presents the following problems. ...
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Our Unconstitutional Congress - Congress spending money on programs not stated in the Constitution" is an article by Stephen Moore that criticizes the way Congress appropriates federal funds. His main point is that, though the Constitution empowered Congress to allocate or spend government funds, these powers are only limited and is very specific…
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