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Business Strategic Analysis

From the aforementioned arguments it is clear that the scope of the organization's business for development is bright as the efficiency of the organization to develop digital media for not only commercial purposes but also for marketing communication opens the doors for corporate business development for the organization. This is in line with the arguments of Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes 92003)iiwho say that the level of innovation retaining the core business strategy will leverage competitive advantage and new market development for an organization.
The company's involvement in the marketing communication and its position in the games industries are the key areas for development to accomplish for future development. The key objectives set above can be measured against the company's accomplishment in the form of market share for the organization in the aforementioned market segments.
The company generates revenue mainly through the production and distribution of digital media to clients in the film industry, games industry and other media related commercial business markets. ...
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The mission of the company as mentioned in its website is 'to make creative teams more productive through production asset management'. This makes it clear that the company is committed to innovative methods of design and development of digital media to enable its customers to accomplish effective marketing communications.
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