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restrucure education for creativity

Like earlier efforts to build canals, railroads, highways, and other physical infrastructure to power industrial growth, the United States today needs to massively increase its public and private investments in human infrastructure (Florida, 2007).
Today's era demands substantial assistance in educating and training people from the initial stage up to the higher stages of learning making good education as an avenue for the enhancement of human creativity. Various learning institutions must be a motivating force in boosting the full potentials and creative capacities of students in fulfilling not only basic human rights but also the dictates of the economy.
We all know that experience is the best teacher, especially experience with the guidance of God; Florida asserts "Learned by doing" and it is true among students rich with an ocean of ideas and concepts. Transforming these students into skilled and talented persons may preserve the national economic competitiveness.
Universities are the heart of the Creative Economy. America's strong university system is the source of much of our best scientific, social, and creative leadership. However our concept of what university must be is limited, yet still it serves as the laboratories of new research and technology of modern society (Florida, 2007).
A university is a natural source of ethnic, socioeconomic, a ...
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Advocates of better education, educators, democrats and psychologists frequently emphasize the significance of students' promising creativity. The purpose of this study is to explore the possibility on how restructured education for creativity affects the society and the United States in general.
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