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To introduce our topic, it would first of all be important to talk about organizational success. Organizational success, in the modern world, is that parameter within which companies and institutions across the world structure their day to day operations. For organizational success, it is vital to follow the following principles in the operations of the organization:

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The four major factors of production are capital, land, entrepreneurship and men. Land includes the building and premises within which the men operate and the capital is spread out apart from the fact that this is where entrepreneurship is put to its true test. Therefore, it is important that the distribution of resources within this space should be designed in such a way that the efforts of the other factors of production are put to optimum use.
With a tagline of "Made for Ideas", LaCie has come to demonstrate a range of innovative ideas that are the key to its success. LaCie's success is that we run a very competitive organization. In the coordination of our various departments, we have come up with a structure that is an epitome of results and wide ranging customer satisfaction. Our financial team and IT department keep our information accurate and updated. Our procurement team can move products much faster than anyone else. This "finance IS logistics" organizational method gives us a chance to sell hot products at the lowest cost without compromising on quality or service. Thus, our base is strong and unique in its functioning.
We have showed adherence to various short term and long term commitments in our planning process whether it has to do with our facilities or profit margins. ...
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