Cellular PathologyCritical Review

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Author looked for the relationship between CDX-2 expression and adenoma and dysplasia type; relationship between MIB -1 expression and adenoma and dysplaisa type; and correlation between CDX-2 and MIB-1 through a retrospective research activity in which archival surgical pathology tissue blocks were utilized.


Finally, the correlation between CDX-2 and MIB-1 was also not significant with r value of 0.29. Most of these findings were not consistent with the findings from the existing literature.
There were some positive points present in this study. The author discussed the results with support of the available information. In the discussion, some points on the limitations of the study were stated very well; limitation due to small sample size and limitation due to interobserver and intra-onbserver errors which could have affected the results from visual analysis which was a subjective issue. Apart from these positive points in the account of the study, it had some weaknesses. The author discussed the role of CDX-2 in the introduction but there was no mention of the MIB-1 role and value. Due to which author, in fact, could not build a rationale for carrying out this study. Although, the study type was described as retrospective but further elaboration on the topic is missing. Who were the cases (with definition) or controls, and how were they selected Even the sample size was not mentioned in the methodology section but only in the discussion.
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