Leading Stragegic Change

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Change in one of the most important areas of management which requires special attention and skills of managers to be implemented successfully. Changes have occurred gradually to the mechanization and automatic production lines of modern industry. Changes occurred in technology, marketing, and numerous management techniques, some of which were concerned with human problems (Block, 1987).


Sustainable strategic organizational change can be explained as a continuous change which affects all areas of business activities. This change entails developing a business process model of how activities function, analyzing relationships among business units, and implementing changes that would eliminate redundant processes and make business units more effective. Performance deficiencies result from motivational problem which is closely connected with lack of skills. To improve this situation organizations need to change employees' motivation taking into account rapid environmental changes. The purpose of change is to improve knowledge and skills, and to change negative attitude towards work. This can lead to many potential benefits for both individuals and the company (Block, 1987). In contrast to other changes, sustainable strategic organizational change does not involve radical transformations or redesign but constant changes and improvements important for every organization. It should be obvious that this model of organization development utilizes strategic planning as the primary tool to respond to the change an organization is facing. ...
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