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National Science Teachers Association Standards

The NSTA standards are mostly for the teachers who teach science. These standards make sure that the teachers of all levels who teach science should have the capability and the ability to teach science to the students and they (teachers) have the ability to understand the subject as well. These standards also work as a measurement against the teacher's performance. The teacher has to give a satisfactory performance of his or her skills and knowledge about the subject in the science teacher preparation program. There are about 10 NSTA standards and they are
Content is the first standard of NSTA standards. In content the teachers of science must be able to understand the subject the matter and its practices thoroughly. It is important that they understand the concepts and grasp the ideas and applications of the subject. The teachers must be able to convey the important concepts and the ideas and the applications of the subject to the students. The teachers are able to use mathematical calculations successfully that they can generate reports and process data and solve problems related to their field. It is very important for the teacher of science that they have a very strong content background in the field of science. Content standard basically includes the knowledge and the skills that learned by the teachers in their teacher's science curriculum.
The content standard ...
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NSTA is the abbreviation for National Science Teachers Association Standards. The National Research Council wrote these standards in 1995, these standards were the work of 22 scientific societies and over 18,000 individuals contributed their knowledge to help produce these standards…
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