The Implantable Gastric Stimulator

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Treatment through a surgical implantation of an electric gastric stimulator holds promise for hundreds of thousands of individuals suffering from uncontrollable obesity. The factors of efficacy, safety and simplicity associated with this procedure are making it a desirable option in combating difficult cases of obesity, in spite of the relatively high cost of the treatment…


IGS is also being increasingly used for the treatment of Gastroparesis.
Obesity is fast bloating into epidemic proportions in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Considering the prevalence of this condition, and the numerous health complications associated with excess weight gain, the need for its mitigation assumes a sense of emergency from public health point of view.
Gastric Electric Stimulation (GES) is a novel and drastic method to tackle morbid obesity. This method provides a better alternative to the more invasive surgical procedures for treating morbid obesity. It does not alter gastrointestinal anatomy and has been shown to be safe in hundreds of study patients worldwide. The first IGS procedure was successfully executed in 1995. Since then more than 700 implants have taken place in Europe and the USA with positive results (
Obesity can be and often is a pathological condition that is not very responsive to diet and exercise. A medical approach too can prove to be ineffective in many cases, unfortunately. When all other simpler methods have failed, surgery becomes the only option to lose weight and stop suffering from various obesity-related health problems, which can even be potentially fatal.
GES involves an i ...
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The Implantable Gastric Stimulator
IGS is also being increasingly used for the treatment of Gastroparesis.…
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