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Essay example - Medical Care

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Health is the main concern of individuals' life. Good health promotes sound mind and creative thoughts. Medical care encompass treatment and management of illness and the services provided by medical, pharmaceutical, dental, clinical laboratory diagnostics, nursing care and allied health professionals…

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It could be government organization, health care industry or an institution, hospital or medical laboratory, staff of physicians and nurses, therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, chiropractors and optometrists. Patients do receive medical care depending upon the urgency and priorities (WHO, 2000).
b. Chronic care management- include education programme of the patients especially in the cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea. The medical care unit focus on the disease management, motivation of the patient for the persistence of the therapy and also encouraging the patients psychologically to achieve speedy recovery.
Various studies have been carried out to manifest is there any difference in the survival rate of a particular race (White over Black), but most of the studies state that in cases of critical illness or acute diseases like cancer, AIDS separate units and funds are formulated to provide better medical care to the hospitalized subject and there is absolutely no differentiation exist between the survival ratio of blacks and whites (Optenberg, 1995). ...
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