Land Use Analysis of Famagusta Walled City - Case Study Example

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Land Use Analysis of Famagusta Walled City

Moreover land is a finite resource and for an island like Cyprus which is an aggregarian island and much of its income depends on what it is able to grow, because this encroachment upon its green field not only eats up arable land but also destroys its biota.
Even though several researches have been conducted on this specific area but they have offered palliatives rather than concrete or practical tools for implementation. This paper aims to highlight sustainable ways in which the city should be allowed to expand and develop and to bracket ways in which the theories advanced can be implemented in the city. Implementing this theory would mean redesign and development of the unused spaces according to smart growth theories and principles that oppose everything negative growth stands for. This constitutes tools for compact urban development which include the development of Brownfield sites, infill and mixed use of development and transit oriented development. ...
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When one takes a look at the development plan of Famagusta, it immediately becomes apparent that due to the dynamics of urban growth and development and the absence of a working master plan for the city. Incoherent, haphazard and scattered growth with lots of derelict and unused left-over interstitial spaces coupled with improper land use practices prevail in the urban environment…
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