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Essay example - Comprehensive Mental Health

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Diagnosis 1: Risk for Injury related to hopelessness and impaired problem solving indicated by poor judgment, indecisiveness, impaired problem solving, poor concentration including suicide risk due to depression manifested by suicide attempt in the current admission and sadness, suicidal thoughts, dejection, or episodes of weeping on assessment and feeling of rejection, despondence, self-reproach, and hopelessness indicated by expressions of feelings of discouragement, despair, pessimism about future, which cannot be dispelled…

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Diagnosis 3: Risk of serious malnutrition and existing malnutrition indicated by greater than 1 lb weight loss in a week, which is probably related to this current illness. The patient's feeling of heaviness of limbs, back, head, and aches in the same areas; loss of energy and fatigability, difficulty eating without the staff urging poses risks for further malnutrition. Gastrointestinal symptoms of dry mouth and somatic psychic gastrointestinal symptoms of depression manifested by wind, indigestion, diarrhoea, cramps, belching may aggravate the decreased appetite. Slight retardation at interview may indicate lassitude, and irritability may further aggravate loss of appetite, since it may represent inner tension representing feelings of ill-defined discomfort, edginess, inner turmoil, mental tension mounting to panic, dread or anguish that may lead to further loss of desire for food.
Priority 1: Diagnosis 1: Risk for Injury related to hopelessness and impaired pro ...
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