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Biometrics and Wireless Technology

This technology is now the more favoured method of identification over traditional methods like password and PIN identifications. High numbers of passwords and PINs are generated on a daily basis as more and more people are settling in with the pace of technology. These PINs and passwords are saved electronically on database servers, which at some point may run out of space. In this scenario, the better choice for a person is to be her or his own password. In today's market many types of biometrical identification tools are available such as fingerprinting, face recognition, finger and hand geometry, iris recognition, voice and signature recognition (von Graevenitz 2003).
Biometric data collected using sensors are converted to digital formats for storage into computer databases. Fingerprinting biometrics has been long in use by the crime solving agencies and immigration authorities. However, technologies to use iris, face, and voice for recognition are still in their infancy.
According to the founder and chairperson of CardTech/SecurTech, Ben Miller, biometric technologies have been in use since 1968. The University of Georgia was a pioneer in the use of biometric technology when in 1973 the university set up a hand-scanning system that helped restrict entry into its all-you-can-eat dining halls.
Fingerprinting, iris recognition, retina recognition, face recognition, and hand recognition have been successfully imple ...
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We are living in a world where personal identification standards are rising higher and higher by the day. Biometric technology is fast becoming the identification process. It's processing is based on the unique physiological and behavioural characteristics that human beings possess…
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