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Research Issues and questions

The best way to make a student understand is the use of pictorial description. Students can easily learn by watching a movie or pictorial description on the subject. Written tests should be conducted regularly so that students can assess their performance. If they get a lower grade teachers should help them through counselling or any other possible way. Teaching staffs employ methods like pairing students and make them to work as a group.
Another method that could be used is pair checking. In this method one student checks another student's work. This improves their capability of grasping the subject. Lectures by visiting professors help in great deal. Seminars should be conducted regularly. Students should be given an opportunity in giving seminars. Presentations play a vital role in seminars. This helps in assessing student's presentation and communication skills.
Identifying and nurturing competent ideas in different subject areas, varied classes at different level. Integration of skills needed to life should be incorporated into curriculum, textbooks, instructional materials and teaching-learning and evaluation process.
Identifying suitable grade/class for introduction of second language on the basis of analysis of linguistic situation in the state. ...
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The Q & A session tests the ability of a student. Through Q & A teacher comes to know whether a student has understood the lessons or still facing any problems with the subject. Teaching staff should encourage the students to involve in discussions. This kind of discussions could help in clarifying their doubts and improve the assessment skills.
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