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Ethanol Summary

In addition to DOE's efforts to reduce carbon emissions, one approach of the Office of Fossil Energy is to work on sequestering greenhouse gases that "might one day virtually eliminate concerns over emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil energy systems. Carbon capture and sequestration systems could store, convert, or recycle greenhouse gases, preventing them from building up the atmosphere." Another initiative called Advance Energy Initiative of the agency is to empower the development in maintaining ecological balance to offer the people clean, cost-efficient, and healthy energy services.
Given all the information, it does not suggest the alternative of conserving energy, because only the reduction of GHG emissions has been emphasized. However, DOE plans to reduce global warming gases based on the agency's initiative to partner with volunteers, and the strategies formed to deal with the ecological problem. Plans such as these can be a good alternative to the Kyoto Protocol because they share the same goal to reduce GHG emissions.
One suggestion that I can offer the U.S. ...
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The United States Department of Energy, under the Office of Policy and International Affairs, has formulated initiatives to address the problems regarding energy consumption and foreign oil dependence in the United States. One of which is "Climate VISION" or Voluntary Innovative Sector Initiatives: Opportunities Now…
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