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Write about play

Mama is scheduled to get the pension amount, and every member of the family has their own dreams, of what to make of it.
As the play progresses, Ruth discovers she is pregnant, but decides upon aborting the baby, because of their financial condition. Beneatha is inclined towards Joseph Asagai, her African friend and rejects the proposal of George Murchison. Walter loses $6,500 that he gave his friend to start the liquor shop business. Mama zeroes in on the house to buy and pays the down payment. However, the family receives a threat from the all-white neighbours, as they do not want them to move in. The end of the play sees the family all set to move in and Beneatha accepting Asagai's proposal.
2. Structure, using Remembrance. Page 157 (bottom) Follow the exercise as written for A Raisin in the Sun.Reread at least one of the scenes we have presented, noting moments when the characters are engaged basically in remembrance. Then write a paragraph in which you make and support a claim about the extent to which the scene is concerned with the past rather than with the present or future.
When Mama talks about her dream, she slips into the past, wherein she painfully recounts the dream her husband and she shared---to move into a beautiful house of their dreams. This is one instance where she moves to the past. ...
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'Raisin in the Sun' is a play written by Lorraine Hansberry and explores the world of a black family living in a small house, amid financial troubles and individual dreams that need to be fulfilled. It narrates the story of the Younger family, comprising Mama, Walter Lee, Ruth, Beneatha-the main characters in the play…
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