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Inequalities in Education

Hence, it is easy to understand that there is a strong correlation between policies of the political parties in power, and the impetus given to the field of education, especially in the present day context of multiculturalism.
This essay shall briefly analyze the dimensions of inequality, the causal factors and the policy implications in the field of education, in the United Kingdom since the close of the twentieth century. It shall consider three major inequalities namely, a) economic gap/social class b) gender/sex c) race/ethnic minority, and study how policies have impacted these inequalities as regards education in general. It shall also discuss education with particular relevance to early years, and conclude that while the policies have positively impacted reduction of gender inequalities, more efforts are required to eradicate ethnic inequalities.
Peter Taylor-Gooby in his work "Attitudes to Social Justice" published by the Institute for Public Policy Research (2005) cites David Miller to identify four principles of social justice namely, a) Equal Citizenship, b) The Social Minimum, c) Equality of Opportunity, and d) Fair Distribution (p. 2). Of these four, the third has particular relevance to education, and the inequalities within it. ...
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Brian Barry in his work Why Social Justice Matters states the in the aftermath of the Second World War, the social democratic parties of the concerned nations based their ideas of social justice on some of the key concepts that included education and health; "Education and health services of uniformly high quality should be provided universallyeliminating the market criterion of the 'ability to pay'" (pp…
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