An Election of Monumental Change

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Never in history has an election caught the attention of the United States, as well as the rest of the world, as the 2008 Presidential Election. The fight for the highest office in the land, known as being the "leader of the free world", creating a vast bubble of observance as it comes to scrutinizing the men, or in the case of this year a woman, who are fighting towards what they feel is their individual vision for the betterment of the US at home, as well as abroad.


A "hot button" issue for many in the United States is the ongoing Us-led conflict in Iraq which has been going on since March 2003. This is one of the areas which Senator Obama has wished to distinguish himself from his other Senators in that unlike Senator's Clinton and McCain, Obama has not given as much leeway in the form of senatorial votes in favor of President Bush's defense budget, while on the other hand both Senator Clinton, as well as Senator McCain, have voted in both sides of the issue. In an era where the American people are looking for hope and this year looking to elect a new President, the two candidates to observe are Senator Barak Obama of Illinois and Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.
Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the US has taken it upon itself to adopt a pre-emptive measure as it comes to defending itself, as well as defending its role in international relations with the rest of the world. ...
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