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Ancient Greece

Some of the most significant Cultural Accomplishments during the Ancient Greek Civilization were as follows; one of the most noticeable accomplishments was in the field of Philosophy, many philosophers exhibited their talent in the field of Philosophy and gave rise to creativity by their influential philosophies. There were many temples built during this time but the most important of them all being the Parthenon "The classic Greek temple built on the Acropolis in Athens to honor the goddess Athena" (Ancient Civilization, 29 September 2008). These are just handful accomplishments which took place during the Ancient Greek civilization in the field of culture. During this time, Ancient Greek Economy was regarded as one of the best compared to the other Economies which prevailed at that time. In the section of religion, the Greek mythology is regarded as one of the best in the world; it provides rich history about the Gods and heroes which existed at that time. With regard to the Political Accomplishments, the most significant of them all was Democracy which is followed by so many countries these days. People were free to vote and choose their representatives.
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Greek civilization is one of the most admired and respected civilizations; there were many great changes which took place during this period. Immense development was seen during this period. This paper throws light upon the fact that the political achievements of the ancient Greeks are overshadowed by their Cultural accomplishments.
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