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Popular Music and Its Cultural Context

To understand popular music in its culutal context, this paper divides the development of the art through the decades.
Jazz - 1920 to 1950 -: Jazz was the most prominent style of music that was categorized as Pop Music from the 1920s to the 1950s. It was seen that in great Britain, jazz was adopted by thoswe musicians who wanted a platform for "social activism and political change". (McKay George, 2005).
The cultural context: Jazz evolved from simple hum able melodies in the early part of the 20th century to become the most complicated and intricate genre of music. Music, at the beginning of the Jazz "era" was not just a part of culture, but a culture all by itself. Though it influenced the younger generation, the music could only be heard in pubs, magazines and some concert halls. Jazz has become an intrinsic part of different cultures of the world Jazz was first heard when the music of the Africans (brought to America as slaves) combined with that of American music prevalent in that time period and culture.
The new Afro American genre of songs was initially typified by the Gospel music, a more "powerful, joyful and effective" rendition by the Africans who adopted Christianity. (Ergelmis, Can). Jelly Morton invented "Stride", music with a "wide perspective" (Ergelmis) mainly based on piano music. ...
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Introduction: Music belonging to the styles that are currently popular are called popular music. Within the genre of popular Music. Pop Music generally refers to that group of styles that have an active beat or a "danceable rhythm, with simple music and repetitive structures" …
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