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Anthropology College - Essay Example

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Current theoretical discussions in anthropology draw attention to the fact that globalization and transnational processes are not only about the establishment f a system f international financial and currency markets operating in real time. Nor are they only about simultaneous revolutions in information technology, the worldwide spread f an American dominated global popular culture, or mass circular migration…

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Anthropology College

Apart from the highly debatable claims about the diminished role f states, there are additional issues that theories f globalization face. For the focus on how globalization negates the very concept f a center and a periphery by generating diasporic public spaces tends to lead to an undertheorizing f the differentiated peripheries, which have disparate relationships with the various centers. This is an undertheorizing f the centers which, United States hegemony not-withstanding, are composed f a number f complexly hierarchized and contending entities, for example, in Scottish--English--Welsh relationships. It is, as well, an undertheorizing f the peripheries which also have complex hierarchical inter-ethnic, cultural, and sometimes racial inter-relationships, first f all within their own borders, then between themselves as peripheries, and, finally, with the various centers.
In other words, in theorizing the undoubtedly new phenomenon f globalization, it is critical not to lose sight f the specifics f this process. ...
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