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Essay example - the Glent case study report

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The theory of Weber1 provides some important insights into management who stresses the importance of hierarchy and accountability within the organizational structure for employees. Weber's theory is more than a lineal interaction between the management and employees…

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HP understands this through both it training program, benefits and bonus incentives.2 The key notion that Weber developed in order to balance out the inherent inequalities is that of the rationalizing of the organizational structure where those who benefit the company and follow the rules and procedure enjoy incentives; whereas those who break these rules are punished. Hence if the values of the company's structure and the goal's of the employee can be rationalized and de-mystified then a satisfied and motivated workforce can be instituted to achieve the best organizational structure. In order to do this there needs to be a structure which ensures that at the higher the level of management there is a higher the standard of care and duty, which can be seen in the transparent structure of managers for specified organizational roles. However, this cannot be limited to following a set of rules, because rules do not Weber sees it as an important factor that has shaped society and important to understanding the development of societal structure and management. Therefore this brings the marrying of the different key elements of the individual and rationalization that Weber focuses on, but it cannot limit the company to rules without consideration of the individuals. ...
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