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Looking at the use of Protagonist and Antagonist In Animal Farm and The Great Gatsby - Essay Example

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Looking at the use of Protagonist and Antagonist In Animal Farm and The Great Gatsby

Snowball is the protagonist of Animal Farm because he actually cares about the animals and equal rights between them all. He is the one who rights the Seven Commandments on the wall of the farm so that all of the animals can see them and know what they are. He organizes the animals into committees and even has classes to teach the all of the animals to read. Since the sheep cannot learn to read, Snowball shortens the Seven Commandments to something simpler for them, "Four legs good, two legs bad," which the sheep say constantly. In general, Snowball is the brains behind the revolution, but he is not afraid to act: he successfully defends Animal Farm when the humans try to take it back and gets a medal because of his actions. Snowball tries to get the animals to work for the good of the farm, using Mr. Jones's books to learn the best ways to farm and how the farm could use a windmill. Snowball tells the animals how the revolution will spread to other farms. Napoleon, who now disagrees with Snowball about everything, calls for attack dogs he has trained and they chase Snowball away. Orwell makes Snowball the protagonist of Animal Farm because he is the dreamer who wants to make the farm work like the perfect idea he dreams of for it. The fact that Snowball is chased away by Napoleon means that in almost any revolution, the noble ideas are chased away by greedy people who want control for themselves. Napoleon takes over the farm. Anytime something goes wrong, like when the windmill falls down, he blames it on Snowball. Orwell is saying that not only do noble ideas at the beginning of a revolution get lost, but the people who dreamed the ideas and took action almost always get blamed.
Napoleon has the pig Squealer convince the other animals of this, by saying such things as, "remember how when Mr. Jones and his men had got inside the yard, Snowball suddenly turned and fled" Soon the other animals also blame Snowball for anything that goes wrong. This is what Napoleon wants, because he is the antagonist. He has participated in the revolution, but really wants to replace the control of men with himself. He does not care about the best things for the rest of the animals. He and the other pigs are soon living in the farmhouse. The commandments begin to change when "No animal shall sleep in a bed," has the words "with sheets" added to the end. By the end of the story, the pigs are dressing like men, drinking alcohol, and walking on two feet. Napoleon says that the farm is now a Republic with him being in charge. Most of the commandments have had words added to them, the last one that said "All animals are created equal," now also says "but some animals are more equal than others."
In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is the protagonist, mainly because the antagonist, Tom Buchanan, is so much worse. The story is told through Nick Carraway, a second cousin of Daisy Buchanan, Tom's wife. Soon after meeting Nick, Tom takes him to meet Tom's mistress and they go into New York City for the evening. Tom also was in an accident while riding with another woman soon after he and Daisy got married; his mistress now is always calling him at home. Tom seems bigoted as well, since he keeps ...Show more


In most stories, the protagonist is the good character trying to help himself and others. The antagonist usually either is the opposite or he tries to stop the protagonist from doing what needs to be done. George Orwell's Animal Farm and F. Scott Fizgerald's The Great Gatsby are written like this also, but in these books, the antagonists beat the protagonists…
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Looking at the use of Protagonist and Antagonist In Animal Farm and The Great Gatsby
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