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BMW Global Competitive Analysis

Rolls Royce Motor Cars brand is one the well-known brands in the world which provides the luxury motor car par excellence. Mini brand is the most unique feature of the BMW group since it is ideally suited for a young, unconventional and ready for change society. (BMW Education)
When we talk about BMW operations, its growth and expansion targets are the first that come to mind. Expanding into new global markets is the 'in-thing' for BMW for quite some time now. The BMW Group currently has 17 production facilities in six countries, Austria, US, GB, China, South Africa, Germany and Brazil with its headquarters in the picturesque 'four-cylinder' tower coordinating the worldwide activities covering 150 countries from Munich. In total BMW Group manufactures models at 23 production and assembly plants and has 39 sales subsidiaries in 13 countries on four continents. Because of this globalization, BMW has been able to reach out to many potential customer bases with the latest one being established in India, to diversify on vulnerable systems in one part of the world. BMW's is also giving an opportunity to its dealers to take BMW's make worldwide by acquiring the rights to sell BMW brands. ...
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BMW was founded in Munich, Germany in 1916 originally as the 'Bayerische Flugzeug Werke AG' (BFW) before the creation of the 'Bayerishe Motoren Werke' (BMW) in 1917. BMW initially concentrated on the development and production of aircraft engines during World War I and thereon it focused more on the development of 'premium' automobiles and motorcycles motor vehicles where it has built up its reputation for reliability and excellence today…
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