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Arab-Israeli Conflict High School

In consideration of the strategic importance of the Middle East, the consequences of the protraction of the conflict and the imperatives of upholding international law, the international community has to adopt serious measures to end the conflict.
The importance of the Middle East can hardly be overstated. Spread across North Africa, Asia Minor and Near Asia, the term Middle East' refers to 22 countries. In geographic terms, these countries are the doorways to Africa and Asia. In economic terms, they are the world's largest repositories of oil and natural gas, holding the majority of the world's known reserves of natural energy. Further, in economic terms, the Arab Middle East represents a valuable source of investment capital which has the potential to significantly contribute to the economy of any nation it is even partially diverted to. In political terms, the Arab Middle East has, officially, been the voice of moderate Islam - a force which the Western world can no longer afford to ignore or dismiss as inconsequential, considering that it is the world's second largest religion and its fastest growing one.
At the present moment, the West and the Arab Middle East are engaged in a conflict which, to date ...
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The Arab-Israeli conflict has persisted for six decades. Ever since the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 and the resultant displacement of countless Palestinians from their ancestral homes and land, Arabs and Israelis have repeatedly denounced one another as enemies…
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