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Neocolonialism - Essay Example

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As a result, some guidance needs to be provided to the weaker nations in order for them to ultimately gain economic independence as well as political independence.
One of the theories involving neocolonialsim is called the Dependency Theory. This theory discusses the relationship between less economically developed countries (LEDC's) and more economically developed countries (MEDC's). The theory maintains that the LEDC's are in the underdeveloped situation that they are in because they rely too heavily on the MEDC's. The LEDC's will remain LEDC's because any surplus production will be absorbed by the MEDC's multinational corporations leaving no profit for the LEDC's. Yet, the MEDC's are also dependent (Dependency Theory, 2003). Without the LEDC's, they would not be able to prosper to the level that they do economically.
This neocolonialism is the source of multiple frustrations for several smaller nations. One example of this opposition comes from the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organizations (PIANGO). They cite the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which declares that indigenous peoples (who are usually members of these LEDCs) have the "right to self-determination and political independence (Blaisdell, 1998). ...
They are the continued victims of US economic dependence and exploitation which keeps these countries at Third World status (Blaisdell, 1998) Similar tensions surround Jamaica, Brazil and Southeast China, to name a few.
Although the MEDC's pat themselves on the back for bringing industry and paying jobs to poverty-stricken areas, the damage to the country and to the people themselves has been compared to the physical cruelties of Cortez as he ravaged Mexico for gold in the 16th century. The difference is that this type of attack is not condemned like physical, military invasions by world nations and leaders. In fact, it is often allowed by the LEDC's government, ignored by journalists and kept from the broader public. (Ayres, 2004). Indeed, the companies do hire uneducated indigenous people to work these sometimes dangerous jobs; they cannot quit because they are dependent on the income. Some companies have even been accused of paying bribes to some village leaders to publicly support the industry in spite of possible problems with the health or environment as a result (Koenig, 2004).
Koenig, in World Watch, details an example in Romania. Heap-leach gold mining is a modern form of mining which makes use of literally millions of gallons of cyanide poured onto piles of ore. The cyanide helps to extract the gold. In Romania, at an Australian-owned min, a dam broke and polluted the Tisza River with 22 million gallons of the toxic substance. It has been six years since what environmentalists are calling the worst catastrophe since Chernobyl, but this mining process is still on the rise (Koenig, 2004).
Of course, many international researchers place the ...Show more


The term neocolonialism was coined to describe international economic strategies and procedures that seem similar to the traditional colonialism of the 1800s. Basically, a first world government attempts to indirectly control smaller, weaker nations through economic and financial means instead of contolling them through the military or political mechanisms…
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