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Interpersonal Relationships that Detract from a University Student's

Often students may choose to please people in their immediate environment rather than completing assignments. Possible consequences include lower grades, increased stress and overall dissatisfaction with one's own academic achievement.
The question arises as to how these interpersonal relationships can compromise a student's scholastic priorities. This paper will detail the effect these pressures have on academic performance and highlight some of the ways students have found to overcome these hurdles.
The data supporting these claims was drawn from a set of twenty interviews conducted to ascertain a student's ability to cope to university life. The focus of these conversations was on how students combine academic and non-academic priorities to gain a balance between scholastic demands and non-academic requests for his time. The interview was conducted in a question and answer format with the questions. The questions from each interview contained strong similarities although not exactly alike.
The subjects of the interviews were undergraduate students either majoring in or having a strong interest in Sociology or Child and Youth Studies. ...
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A wide variety of daily challenges face university students in the form of writing essays, term papers, and studying for tests. Meeting a variety of relentless deadlines over an ever-changing schedule requires an ongoing juggling of priorities. Everyday, students must choose between socializing and homework…
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